Uzimet-G2 Forte

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Uzimet-G2 Forte

Composition Glimepiride 2 mg +Metformin 1000 mg S.R Tablets
Pack 10×10 Blister
MRP 1080

Uzimet-G2 Forte is a medicine used to treat a condition called type 2 diabetes. This condition affects adults and occurs when the sugar levels in your blood are too high. This medicine helps to control those sugar levels.

How to Take Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000 mg S.R Tablets

You should take this medicine with your food. It’s important to take it regularly, at the same time every day, to get the best results. Your doctor will decide how much you should take, and this amount might change depending on how well it’s working for you.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects of Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000 mg S.R Tablets may include:

• Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia): This can make you feel shaky, sweaty, and dizzy.
• Headache: You might get a headache while taking these tablets.
• Nausea: Feeling like you might throw up is another possible side effect.
• Diarrhea: These tablets can sometimes upset your stomach and cause diarrhea.
• Gas (Flatulence): You might feel gassy or bloated.


• Other diabetes medications
• Certain Antibiotics.
• Heart and Blood Pressure Medications
• Herbal Supplements

Who Shouldn’t Take It?

If you are suffering from conditions like type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis, you should avoid taking this medicine. Also, if you are a patient with any type of liver, kidney, or heart issues, you should not use this medicine. Talk with your doctor. If you are planning to have a baby or already have one and are breastfeeding, you should avoid taking this medicine. This will harm your baby. Meet your doctor if you have any type of issue or any inquiry; they will give you a better solution for this.

Why Use Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000 mg S.R Tablets

• Control Blood Sugar: Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000mg S.R. Tablets help regulate high blood sugar.
• Combination Power: They combine two medicines to work better together.
• Once-a-Day Ease: You only need to take them once a day.
• Less Insulin Resistance: Metformin makes your body use insulin better.
• Liver Sugar Control: Metformin stops the liver from making too much sugar

Safety Precautions

Some important safety tips to remember:

• Don’t drink alcohol while taking Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000 mg S.R. tablets. It’s not safe.
• Be cautious when driving if your blood sugar is too low or too high. If you experience these symptoms, avoid driving.

Sum Up

We are a reputable Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 1000 mg S.R Tablets Manufacturers in India. Our top-notch ingredients and well-trained workforce make us the best in the market. You can choose us for your diabetic problems. Our medicines work as life-saving drugs for diabetic patients. QndQ Cardia will be your first choice if you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer in the pharmaceutical world.

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