Top 20 PCD Pharma Companies In India

Top 20 PCD Pharma Companies in India – The government has shown great initiative in the field of the healthcare sector in recent years. various programs and schemes are being implemented in various states of the country to enhance the value of the pharmaceutical industry in India. Even a large portion of the budget has been allocated to the healthcare sector. Such initiatives boost employment and attract more entrepreneurs to contribute to the growth of this sector. Newbies companies can easily enter the pharma industry with the concept of the PCD pharma franchise. In which willing investors and sole proprietors enter the field of healthcare by investing a small amount of money initially 10 or 20k. and get the wide range and variety of products offered by the PCD Pharma franchise companies in India.


PCD pharma companies in Rajasthan

PCD pharma companies in Rajasthan – Rajasthan holds great business opportunities when starting a PCD pharma franchise. There is no doubt that pharma is a booming sector with high ROI and low investment. Like any other state, Rajasthan is facing a shortage of good quality pharma products and huge healthcare investment. There are several PCD pharma companies in Rajasthan offering amazing business opportunities. Here, we will discuss some of the best and most reputable PCD Pharma franchise companies.


20 Best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Companies in India

20 Best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Companies in India – Currently, more than 30 million Indians have diabetes. Cardiac Diabetic mainly deals with the heart condition that patients with diabetes face. Today we will discuss the 20 Best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Companies in India contributing to mitigating the number of Cardiac Diabetic patients in India. The huge number of diabetic patients indicates the high demand for diabetic medicine and products. To fulfill this immense demand the production must match the amount of supply needed for the products. This whole procedure increased the number of pharmaceutical companies dealing in cardiovascular medicines. To extend the reach of products the companies offer its PCD Franchises to the willing entrepreneurs. 

PCD pharma franchise is profitable in almost every aspect as it gives a chance to new individuals or small companies to get a place and earn a good amount of profit. on the other hand, by giving a franchise the company gets a favor that extends its reach in different areas and gets recognition. In addition, it enhances the availability where the products are needed. We have mentioned the Cardiac Diabetic PCD companies list which provide franchises at a minimum cost, a variety of products, affordable costs, and high quality after proper testing. Investing in a business that is in demand and going to be in high demand has always been the first preference for new starters. 

List Of 20 Best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Companies in India

Here is a list of some best cardiac companies providing premium and effective medicine that contribute to reducing the chances of this disease.

#1. QndQ Cardia

QndQ Cardia topped the list of 20 Best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Companies in India and secured a safe place in the healthcare sector. The high eminence of this company indicates the reliability and trustworthiness of its products. QndQ Cardia specialises in the cardiac diabetic range which is preferable with utmost trust. They have the finest infrastructure for quality production and provide a PAN India franchise facility. 

Reasons why QndQ Cardia topped the list. 

  • The complete pharma range was developed under a rigorous research & development process. 
  • A dedicated team focusing on and maintaining a customer-centric approach.
  • QndQ Cardia never compromises the quality of the product. Also, it offers a diverse range of pharma products including tablets, capsules, syrups, and so on
  • The manufacturing facility is ISO-WHO-GMP certified and has affordable and effective products.
  • A team of qualified professionals to supervise the entire manufacturing and delivery process.
  • Understand every concern of its associates and provide Monopoly rights to help reduce the competition. 
  • Offers free-of-cost promotional material and keeps updating its business strategies.
  • QndQ Cardia does not give a burden or sale target for its franchise holders. It gives you an environment where you can work freely and achieve the desired goal. 
  • QandQ Cardia has the strength and capability to produce and keep the stock of products according to demand. 
  • Fine warehousing space and on-time delivery facilities. If you are looking for a genuine and reputable company to take a franchise. QndQ Cardia is the quality option that will support you for long-term achievements. 

Contact Details

Address: Dr Kumar’s Pharmaceuticals Plot No 158 Industrial Area Phase-I, Panchkula, Haryana

Mobile No. :  +91-9816857058


#2. Syndicate Life Sciences

In a short period, this company has become one of the leading cardiac diabetic companies. This is because of the company’s ability to keep up with the changing needs of the market. The company also has a wide range of pharmaceutical products of the highest quality. Syndicate Life Sciences offers Cardiac Diabetes PCD Franchise Business Opportunities in India and Free promotional tools.

Address –  SCO-31,1st Floor, Sector 13 P, Hisar-125005, Haryana, India

#3. Swisschem Healthcare

Swisschem Healthcare is one of the well-known cardiac diabetic PCD companies in India with a plethora of products and 6 marketing Divisions. The company is an ISO-certified pharma company and works with DCGI & FSSAI-approved pharma products. The company deals in Syrups, analgesic tablets, antihistamine tablets, antibiotic tablets, injections, Ayurveda medicines, etc.

Address: Plot No. 295, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

#4. Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro has earned its reputation as a leading pharmaceutical company that has devoted itself to combating various health diseases through a wide range of cardiac diabetic medicinal products. Lifecare Neuro offers a wide range of medicine ranges including; Injections; Tablets; Syrup; Capsules; Suspension; etc. 

Address: 70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Baddi – 173205 India

#5. Algen Healthcare

Algen Healthcare is a respected company in the pharmaceutical industry in India. It is one of the leading Cardiac Diabetic Pharmaceutical companies in the country. It can franchise and manufacture over 1500 pharmaceutical products with FDA and DCGI approvals. 

Address: Plot No 456, First Floor, Industrial Area, Phase: 1, Panchkula Haryana (134113)

#6. Arlak Corazon

Arlak Corazon has set a reputation in the industry by providing high-quality products to treat a variety of moderate to severe forms of diabetes. The company is well-established in the business and has a strong track record in PCD Pharma Franchising for Cardiac & Diabetes Range. 

Address: SCO 5-6, Zirakpur-Panchkula-Kalka Hwy, near Hotel Sunpark, Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

#7. Texas Therapeutics

Texas Therapeutics’ is providing a Pharma PCD Franchise to contribute to the reduction of  Cardiac Diabetic Patients across India. They follow the principles and ethics of the business. Texas can produce more than 100 million units of medicinal products. Texas Therapeutics works only on ethical principles which makes them successful and genuine. 

Address – SCF 14, 1st Floor, Sector 20, Panchkula – 134117, Haryana, India

#8. Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison is an ISO Certified PCD Franchise Company that focuses on the prevention and treatment of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Diabetes (Diabetes). It introduces premium quality medicines in the market that are tested under the full supervision of professionals and experts. 

Address – Main Bazaar, Bhawanigarh-148026, Punjab, India

#9. Kenriz Care

Kenriz Care is well-known for producing top-quality pharmaceuticals. Kenriz Care is now offering Cardiac Diabetes PCD Franchise for very affordable prices and a variety of promotional tools like visual aids, pens, reminder cards, and visiting cards. There is a team of medical experts that keeps keen supervision on the quality of the products. 

Address –  1st Floor, Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt – 133004, Haryana

#10. DM Pharma

DM Pharma is one of the fastest-growing Cardiac Diabetic Companies in India. The company has more than 500 partners across the country. DM Pharma is also providing business opportunities through its Cardiac Diabetes PCD Program. They offer the appropriate support and services to its associates as well as free-of-cost promotional tools. 

Address –  SCO – 177, Sector – 38 C, Chandigarh 160036

#11. Solace Biotech

The company Solace Biotech is ISO-certified and has its own manufacturing facility. The company deals in a variety of pharma products, including cardiovascular, gynaecological, and cardiac diabetes. Solace Biotech has maintained a good place and goodwill in the pharma sector with its quality products. 

Address – 4. Bank of India Society, Behind H.L Commercial College, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad Pin Code-(380009), India

# 12. Silhos Pharma Ltd.

Silhos Pharma Pvt. Ltd.. offers a variety of products that have been approved by the International Organization for Harmonization in the Internal Market (ISO-GMP-DIGI) and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Gynaecological, Anti-Diabetic, Cardiac, and many other products. Sillhos Pharma offers a variety of  products at affordable prices. 

Address –  Dukheri Rd, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133004 

#13. Genesis Biotech Inc.

Genesis Biotech Inc. is a company that is ISO-certified. It is one of the most well-known Cardiac Diabetes PCD companies in India. It provides the best customer support and on-time delivery to its associates. They provide quality products made under the certification of WHO.

Address – S.C.F.437(G.F.) Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160 101 (U.T.)

#14. Henin Lukinz

Henin Lukinz is also providing a Cardiac diabetic PCD franchise in all the regions of India. It has a plethora of products ready from high-quality molecules as Henin Lukinz does not compromise the health of its consumers. In addition, Henin Kluinz has its manufacturing plant and Research and Development Center.

Address – Plot No 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building Sector 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

#15. Sonika LifeSciences

Sonika Lifesciences provides High-Quality Medicines for Cardiac Diabetic Patients in India and is one of the leading Pharma Franchises and Manufacturers of Cardiac Diabetic Drugs in India. Sonika Lifesciences has good market engagement and the capability to face the market competition.

Address – SCO 404, 1st floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101

#16. Fortune Lab

One of the most reputed pharma companies in India is Fortune Lab. Fortune Lab is providing Cardiac Diabetes PCD Franchise all over India. In this franchise program, the franchise owner will get monopoly rights, quality products, and free promotion tools. A wide range of products with different categories you can get from Fortune Lab and effortlessly start work with them.

Address – SCF 258 1st Floor, Sector- 16 Panchkula, Haryana 134109

#17. SKG International

SKG International is mainly engaged in the business of providing Cardiac Diabetes PCD Pharma Franchises across all cities of India including Monopolies and has a wide range of products. After proper lab testing and quality checks, the SKG introduced the products in the market. 

Address – Plot no. 295, phase 2, Industrial Area Panchkula (HR)

#18. Bluewater Research

Bluewater Research is part of Life Vision Healthcare, which is one of the best and most well-known companies in the industry. All products under Blue Water Research are DCGI-approved. All products are ISO-GMM-WHO Certified. All products are available all over India at affordable prices.

Address – Plot no 11-12, Sector 25-D,  Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 160014

#19. Navcure

Navcure was founded in 2009 and is part of the Steller Biotech group of companies. The company is providing monopoly rights as part of the Cardiac Paediatric Cardiac Dental Franchise at a very competitive price. Navcure has a vast client approach and maintains a good market engagement with their supreme quality medicines. 

Address – SCO. 824, 2nd Floor, Manimajra, Chandigarh – 160101, India

#20. Nimbles Biotech

Nimbles Biotech is one of the leading Cardiac Diabetes PCD Companies in India that offers the best business opportunities in the field of cardiac diabetes. The company is ISO and WHO-certified and provides a broad range of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various diseases. 

Address – Plot No. 14, Arjun Nagar, Nanhera, Ambala Cantt, Haryana, Pin:- 134003


While wrapping up we hope that the above information contains the content you were seeking and will help you to invest your money wisely and make the correct decision. QndQ Cardia is the finest pharmaceutical company that mainly deals in Cardiac Diabetes which is in high demand nowadays and also fulfills all the needs and requirements of its associates as well as its consumers.

PCD Pharma Franchise on Monopoly Basis

PCD Pharma Franchise on Monopoly Basis – PCD pharma franchises have become extremely common in the pharmaceuticals market in India. It is the most advantageous way for both parties involved in this agreement. Through A pharma franchise procedure, the new company can get a place in the market easily with less effort. On the other hand, it is an advantage for the already existing firm that its products and services are getting promoted by its franchise company and increasing its reach simultaneously. 


Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets Manufacturers in India

Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets Manufacturers in India

Seeking a solution to tackle diabetes? Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin 10mg Tablets manufacturers in India play a crucial role in making sure that the right medicines are available. With precision and dedication, these manufacturers play a pivotal role in producing these essential tablets. By adhering to strict quality measures and innovative manufacturing techniques, they provide reliable and effective solutions for diabetes management. Their commitment ensures patients across the nation have access to trustworthy medication, contributing significantly to healthcare accessibility and a better quality of life.

Significance of Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets

Teneligliptin 20mg & Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets serve a crucial purpose in managing diabetes. These tablets work together to regulate blood sugar levels effectively. Teneligliptin helps by enhancing insulin production, while dapagliflozin aids in removing excess sugar through urine. Their combined action helps control blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of complications related to diabetes. These tablets are vital for individuals to maintain a balanced and healthier life while managing their diabetes efficiently.

Benefits of Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets

1. Blood Sugar Control: Teneligliptin 20mg + Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets work in tandem to regulate blood sugar levels effectively, aiding in managing diabetes by lowering elevated glucose levels in the blood.
2. Improved Insulin Production: Teneligliptin enhances insulin secretion from the pancreas, facilitating better utilization of glucose by the body’s cells.
3. Excretion of Excess Sugar: Dapagliflozin assists in eliminating excess sugar through urine, reducing overall blood sugar levels.
4. Reduced Risk of Complications: By maintaining stable blood sugar levels, these tablets help minimize the risk of diabetes-related complications, such as kidney damage or nerve problems.

Ingredients used by Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets Manufacturers

The Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets are manufactured using specific ingredients to ensure their effectiveness in managing diabetes. These tablets typically contain:
1. Teneligliptin: This active ingredient helps enhance insulin production in the body to control blood sugar levels.
2. Dapagliflozin: Another essential component, Dapagliflozin, works by aiding the kidneys to remove excess glucose from the blood, lowering overall sugar levels.
Manufacturers carefully combine these ingredients in precise quantities to create tablets that effectively assist in diabetes management.

Manufacturing process of Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets

The manufacturing process for Teneligliptin 20mg + Dapagliflozin 10mg tablets involves several key steps to ensure their quality and efficacy:
1. Ingredient Preparation: Manufacturers gather and verify the raw materials required—Teneligliptin and Dapagliflozin—in specific quantities.
2. Mixing: These ingredients are precisely measured and thoroughly mixed to create a homogenous blend.
3. Tablet Formation: The blended mixture undergoes compression to form tablets of accurate dosages—20mg of teneligliptin and 10mg of dapagliflozin.
4. Quality Control: Rigorous quality checks are conducted at various stages to ensure the tablets meet safety, potency, and dissolution standards.
5. Packaging: Once verified, the tablets are packaged securely to maintain their potency until they reach the end-users.

Teneligliptin  Dapagliflozin Tablets Manufacturers Advantages

Advantages offered by Teneligliptin 20mg + Dapagliflozin 10mg Tablets Manufacturers:
1. Premium Ingredients: Manufacturers utilize top-notch ingredients, ensuring the tablets’ effectiveness and reliability in managing diabetes.
2. Certified Manufacturing Plant: The production facilities hold certifications, guaranteeing adherence to stringent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.
3. Timely Delivery: These manufacturers prioritize punctual delivery schedules, ensuring healthcare providers and pharmacies receive supplies promptly.
4. Extensive Distribution Network: Their wide-reaching distribution networks ensure the accessibility of these crucial medications across diverse regions.
5. Doctor-Assured Products: Healthcare professionals endorse and trust these products, assuring patients of their reliability and suitability for diabetes management.

The Best Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets Manufacturers

QndQ Cardia stands out as the premier Teneligliptin Dapagliflozin Tablets manufacturer in India. Our expertise lies in crafting top-quality diabetes medications, driven by advanced technology and stringent quality measures. Choose us for Teneligliptin 20mg + Dapagliflozin 10mg tablet manufacturing, as we assure precision, reliability, and doctor-trusted formulations. Rely on our commitment to excellence for effective diabetes management and consistent, trustworthy medications.


Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka

PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka –QndQ invites to the pharma professionals who are looking for monopoly PCD pharma franchise for wide range of pharma products in the southwestern part of India. We are giving  PCD pharma franchise in Karnataka for various therapeutic and specialized divisions like as cardiac diabetic, derma, ayurvedic, ophthalmic, ortho, gynecology, antibiotic, anti-acids, gastric, multivitamins, anti-viral, anti-infective, analgesics etc. covering markets like gynecology, nutraceuticals, orthopedic, pediatric, dermatology, etc. There are genuine rates and you can earn a good income through it.

Pharmaceuticals franchise is a business that is growing in the southwestern region. Karnataka has a good credit in terms of value and revenues here for businessmen. QNDQ is a renowned pharma marketing service provider. Our offering of PCD pharma franchise in Karnataka is covering all major places like Mysuru, Mangalore, Davangere, Vijayapura, Hubli, Gulbarga, Bidra, Udupi, Ballari, Dharwad, Tumakuru, etc. All the drugs are DCGI approved that copes with all the quality control measurements.

Related Article: Best PCD Pharma Company in Bangalore

You can call us at our given contact numbers and talk directly to our associates for more information related to PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka near you. If you want you can email your queries at our given email address or fill our contact inquiry form for more details. Here you will get a good scope of business, growth opportunities, multiple benefits and much more.

QndQ – Top Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka

If you are on the look for the best Pharma PCD company to work with then QndQ is the best. We are fully dedicated to providing genuine opportunities of pharma franchise covering all the states of India. Our company is a sought-after name in Karnataka. We are having several logistic partners who are helpful in making our service quick and reliable. We offer drug range in General range, Pediatric range, Ortho range, Gynae range, etc. We have especially taken care of the quality control needs and the regularly embraced latest trends to provide cost effective techniques. An established name for pharma marketing business, QndQ has come a long way of creation of space for people who are seriously interested in starting their own business.

Features of Our Pharma PCD Company that Makes us Best in Karnataka               

Numerous organizations offer great Karnataka Based PCD Pharma Companies openings but QNDQ has been a confided in the name in the market. Our organization built up itself as a solid and expert Pharma Company owning a sweeping run down of items. With regards to the PCD franchise, our organization has constantly demonstrated itself as the best. We have been acknowledged on numerous stages to present to you a quality scope of medications. Our company is profoundly valued  to work with because of the following reasons:

  • Qndq is an ISO certified with its own set of Schedule M units.
  • Thousands of pharma professionals recommends our products and medicines.
  • 450+ business associates are connected with our pharma pcd franchise services PAN India.
  • All the products are DCGI approved and manufactured GMP certified unit.
  • More than 500+ drug medicines are offered by the company to its members.
  • Impressive goodwill makes us trusted name in the Indian Pharmaceuticals market.
  • We are proving the genuine pharma pcd franchise deals in India.

Benefits of Being an Associate of Qndq – Best Pharma PCD Company in Karnataka

Qndq Cardia offers you exciting offers and deals when you become one of the Top PCD Pharma Companies in Karnataka. We bring you a trail of vibrant drugs list that is going to help you build a brighter future. The perks that we offer being our member are as follows:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Quick delivery
  • Genuine profit margin
  • Less risk
  • Better ROI
  • Reasonable sales target

You are also bound to get promotional tools to support, marketing support, incentives and much more. We are a professional company that you can depend on for better expansion of your PCD franchise business.

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